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Have you done a review of your existing insurance in the past year?


Sudden life changes aren’t sent by email in advance. No one is going to alert you to the precise date of a health event, or of a lifespan or an earnings span cut short due to disability or demise.

However, certain life ‘markers’ indicate a logical time to review one’s situation and call for an examination with a qualified financial professional. These include:

For the Individual:

  • Job Promotion or Anniversary/Benefits Election Deadline
  • Marriage or Divorce
  • A New Home
  • A New Baby
  • Planning for College
  • Special Family Considerations such as a Special Needs Child
  • Advance Planning for Extended Life given family genealogy

You situation in your business can send up markers, as well:

For the Employer:

  • Starting your own business
  • Expanding our reconfiguring your business
  • Going into Partnership

Seek out our planning and advisory services to make the best use of time and resources…. The earlier the better.

Life insurance rates have come down substantially over the past 5 years and a review would be wise to ensure that you’re getting the most for your premium dollar.
Plan reviews can not only update current needs versus your need at time of purchase, but can:

  • Consolidate several older policies into one with lower costs
  • Update beneficiary information and avoid errors
  • Take full advantage of newer policy types to meet needs more efficiently


Our Employer-based Expertise and Focus –

We design company plans across an array of insurance and non-insurance benefits including medical, dental, life, long term disability, long term care, voluntary, executive plans regardless of the size of your organization or practice. Also available are discount and affiliate non-insurance programs to round out an employer offering.
We study your company’s unique demographics and design a program best suited to meet the needs of all segments of the population: the employees, management, executives and ownership by examining the following factors:

  • Industry (norms considered for attracting and retaining the best employees and management – e.g. executive medical reimbursement accounts)
  • Office location(s) and employee concentrations
  • Residential  zip codes (for local clusters such as NYC only)
  • Plan types offered to suit sub-populations
    • Young Healthy Singles, Wellness-Oriented/Healthy Lifestyle benefits
    • Gender Specific employee concentrations (e.g. emphasis on Women’s Health)
    • Medicare-eligibles and Individual vs. Group Subgroup Choices
    • Gender or medical condition-specific focus, Special Needs etc.)
  • Outlier Analysis:
    • Plans encouraging dependent coverage, Domestic Partnership coverage
    • NYS Special Programs including Healthy New York and NY Bridge Plan
    • Medicare and Federal Program referrals
  • Indemnity Style Benefits
  • Association Programs
  • Hospital Only Plans
  • Sole Proprietor Plans


Other areas of specialty include:

  • Developing a Strategy for Employer and Employee Premium Contributions in adherence with financial realities and firm culture
  • Full Use of available HRA (Health Reimbursement Accounts) and HSA (Health Savings Accounts) as well as Other vehicles to pay less premium up front and cap firm liability
  • Supplemental Benefits paid for by the employee from company payroll voluntarily and by choice to further customize the employee’s program to meet needs.
  • Plans include:  Voluntary Life Insurance, Accident, Disability, Hospital Confinement Indemnity, Specified Disease, and Cancer
  • Finally, a new Medical Bridge Product ™ from one Supplemental Benefits insurer helps complement the high employee outlays so common in today’s cost-sharing medical plans with high co-payments and deductibles.

Well over 30 carriers represented through general agencies by line of coverage.

SPECIAL NOTE: Millenium Financial Inc. is most sensitive to our clients with special needs and, hence, a special focus on related insurance and the advice of outside expertise professional colleagues.