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We strive to identify the unique set of factors, resources and constraints native to each client firm and individual’s situation in order to design the most effective overall employee benefit plans, key employee, and personal insurance programs.  We partner with you and your firm to make certain that our experience, knowledge and wealth of professional alliances combine to optimize your premium outlay, your time and your effort.  Best ongoing results derive from communicating relevant ideas throughout the year and systematic review. We are dedicated to this process.


Our service level is more than real time responsive. Because we take the time to fully attune and stay attuned to our clients, we are empowered to partner with them to achieve their goals and keep employee morale and productivity high.

Regarding Company Benefits Design

To ensure an end result of in-budget plans which effectively attract and retain the best personnel, we use our resources and generation-long key relationships with insurers and providers (e.g. General Agencies, Third Party Administrators, Professional Employer Organizations, Wellness Providers, Voluntary and Ancillary Benefits Carriers, etc.) to partner with you and your firm.  Frequently the key to an effective overall employee benefits strategy is to understand the employee  and executive sub-groupings and design a program to suit each demographic.  We make certain that our experience, knowledge, reliability and genuinely caring philosophy combine to maximize your outlay of premiums, time and effort.

Regarding Individual Plan Design

In addition to protecting the business entity, key to our mission is making sure clients take the time to protect both the key employee families and themselves and their loved ones from both the unexpected and seemingly far off – contingencies such as a disabling injury or sickness, an early demise or its counterpart, extended life with attendant physical and cognitive challenges.  We specialize in diverse areas of personal wealth protection and conservation to include elder, estate and retirement planning.
The following product areas indicate a focus primarily on the protection of assets and a lifestyle it takes a career to build or a lifetime to accumulate:

  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Income Insurance (Professional, Executive and Employee)
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Retirement Plans

Our fully independent and highly credentialed agency whose principals each has well over 25 years of experience serve hundreds of clients every day.  Serving in your trust, our pledge is to take each case personally and to strive to help you achieve your goals and attain peace of mind.

Our Advocacy in the Face of Healthcare Reform
In addition to representing the interests of our clients in relation to the insurance companies, representing you in the universe of governmental healthcare reform is paramount to our role, as well.

Our voice is heard in positions of leadership on industry legislative and media committees on both Capitol Hill and Albany and every day in our communities.  Your interests as business people and as insureds are aligned with ours and are most important to us. This includes debate over ever increasing regulatory compliance requirements heaped upon the small employer.  It bears repetition to emphasize our commitment and that “We have time for you” during this formative era in our nation as regards the corporate and individual’s role in medical insurance.