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Larry’s Thoughts of the Day – The Health Insurance Conversation

HealthCare Evolution not Revolution

 |  Read, Respond and Be Heard

[no beat necessary]

Our country needs to know
That this is not all just a show
We need to emerge in unity
And not just flash our impunity.

Proposing complex ACA fixes
To rules in play can’t just be nix-es
People need to have faith and assurance
That thoughtful leaders protect their insurance.

So far no simple solution ‘spite all the hollers
No ‘Next Big Thing’ to locate all the dollars
Needed to fund a national plan
That makes sense to us all – Luc, Val and Stan.

So get involved – attend your Main Street meeting
Keep our reps thinking and hearts bleating –
Biz and Gov’ment need your input
Lest healthcare drives the U.S. kaput.

ObamaCare becomes TrumpCare no doubt
We need ideas – from your activism – to come out
So let’s all head to the town meeting in the kitchen
With ideas – not keep silent our bitchin’.

Solutions spring from unlikely places
Video dial-ins register new faces
So respond to this and address an issue
In verse, prose or .wav file – I assure you

It’ll be heard and transferred
Into my feedback loop – assured
And the needed conversation though internet-broad
Will be open, not flawed.

Thank you in advance for keeping this dialogue open and for contributing.


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