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Centercourt: EANYC Westchester Get-Together, Conceived and Coordinated

Pictured are 6 members of The Executives Association of NYC centercourt at Westchester Knicks game vs. Boston Celtics AAA rival, Maine Red Claws. Larry and Barry arranged this successful localized EA outing of courtside suite dining, tour of County Hall of Fame and business suites. Great evening for business, family and… fun!




Pictured l-r: Westchester Knicks beloved mascot, Hudson, Marc Karell (guest), Larry Thaul, Barry Cohen, Robert Fligel (guest), Philip Maltaghati, Rob Schiltz (guest), & Jeff Maron (the only one of us perhaps NBA-sized. Set that pick, Jeff!)

The NBA Developmental League is changing its name to the Gatorade League. Currently 22 NBA teams have a developmental league team and by 2020 all 30 teams will have one! See: http://westchester.dleague.nba.com

by Larry Thaul

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