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Millenium Financial, Inc.

We Have Time For You.

It’s Millenium Financial Inc. for all your Medical Insurance and Company Group Benefits Needs.

We are expert consultants on Healthcare Reform and how it will affect you and your firm. Our expertise comes from over 25 years of experience, key relationships with the insurer community and key service providers in the industry, as well as the trust of our hundreds of clients, entities and individuals.

In addition to representing the interests of our clients in relation to the insurance companies, representing you in the universe of governmental healthcare reform is paramount to us, as well. Our voice is heard on legislative committees in the industry on both Capitol Hill and Albany and every day with our legislators and in positions of leadership in the insurance industry. Your interests as a small business and as an insured are most important to us. We truly mean it when we proclaim, “We have time for you.”

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